Lormont Les Cimes

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Location : Lormont les Cimes
Dates : 2012
Client : Sefiso Atlantique
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architects, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 4 800 sqm
Cost : 6,7 M€

Together and intimate.

This bit of land is a puzzle piece that fits into the larger urban project that is currently reworking the urbanizing “Les Cimes” neighborhood.  The idea driving this project is that of a “built environment submerged within the canopy,” and is sited between two existing collective housing blocks.  The intermediary housing units take either a shamrock or an elliptical shape in plan and are composed of three levels, including two indoor levels and one outdoor planted terrace.  The collective housing blocks will take advantage of their north-south orientation through the implementation of a new planted envelope.