Seniors’ residence Marie Curie

Location : City of La Garde
Dates : 2014 - Competition
Client : SAGEP
Design team : Aires Mateus e Associados, Martin Duplantier Architects, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 3 800 sqm
Cost : 6,5 M€

Building on the « wild stones » of the Var region.

Real estate speculation has damaged a wide strip along the sea shore of this region. The site of the project is at the edge of these 1970 housing estates. This home for elderly is designed as a link between nature and the built environment.

Just like a abstract strip, expressed through a checked pattern, the building unfolds its length along the northern limit, opening the views for each room towards the south and the village’s tower. The ground floor is used as a common ground: available to all, interior as well as exterior. Above it, the 3 stories of housing develop a stone checked pattern of voids and plains, of loggias and walls.

The studios are designed in a way to enhance interactions between residents, while enabling a great level of privacy. A large opening to the garden and the outer world on one side connects to the exterior, when the small glazed inner facade enables social interactions between the corridor and the studios.

Natural materials are here at use: it refers to local architectonic tradition, where the project can find its best roots.