Anglet South Coastline

Location : Anglet
Dates : 2011 - 2014
Client : Commune d’Anglet
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architects, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Architecture and Landscape Architecture, furniture, Lighting
Built area : 38 000 sqm
Cost : 4 M€

Meeting point between the high mountains of the Pyrenees and the vast expanse of the Landes forest, the southern coast of Anglet combines exceptional geography in a premium urban situation : it is the true gateway to the city from its chic neighbor Biarritz. The singularities of this site are reflected in the project : transposition of the lithography of rocks, chunks of cliffs landed on a lawn, mirror effect and interaction between vegetal and mineral influences, organization of traffic in curtains as to magnify an unusual scenery : an Atlantic panorama

from the hilly Spanish coast to the northern sand beaches.

The esplanade Yves Brunaud, a remarkable gateway to the city. On the upper part, a cantilever as a gateway to the city provides this great panorama. As a response to the ocean, a water-table and a garden mark the entrance to the city and separate the promenade and bike path from the traffic.

Thus, relying on a green curtain, attention will be given to the panorama.

Getting closer : mountains and sand come together to offer us a dramatic panorama

The site is marked by the meeting of the Pyrenees and Landes. This is a strong point that can express qualities and values of public space. The site reflects the character of the sandy beaches of the north reaching the lower part of the site while mountains rocks are prevailing in the upper part. To celebrate the event, the global aspect of the cliffs are translated on the ground of the upper part.

Similarly, big blocks of rocks are laying onto the lawn of the lower part to organize the entrance to the beach and create diverse scales of intimacy in this large landscape. The overlap of the two worlds – mountains and sand – is realized at the foot of the cliff, around the VVF.