Angoulême “Pôle Gare” (Train Station Cluster)

  • 1 Angoulême “Pôle Gare” (Train Station Cluster)
  • 2 Angoulême “Pôle Gare” (Train Station Cluster)
  • 3 Angoulême “Pôle Gare” (Train Station Cluster)
  • 4 Angoulême “Pôle Gare” (Train Station Cluster)
  • 5 Angoulême “Pôle Gare” (Train Station Cluster)
  • 6 Angoulême “Pôle Gare” (Train Station Cluster)
Location : Angoulême (16) - France
Dates : Competition winner in 2016 - planned delivery in 2020
Client : Réalités, EPF Poitou-Charente et Communauté d’Agglomération d’Angoulême
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architectes, Anouk Debarre Paysagiste, Dauchez Payet (Sustainability Consultant), LEONARD Bâtiment (Investor)
Mission : Master Planning, including design of public spaces and buildings
Built area : 30 000 sqm
Cost : 40 M€

The arrival of the LGV (High-Speed Train) is the occasion to constitute a diversified railway hub which brings a variety of functions and activities into the heart of Angoulême.  The renewal of this building front creates a continuity between a newly-completed mediatheque and a planned pedestrian footbridge.  Situated in an abandoned industrial site, the project addresses both the train station to one side, as well as the historic Houmeau Quarter to the other.  The neighboring architectural language of the venelle (a narrow pedestrian footpath between city blocks) is continued through the project, allowing access into its heart, and thereby enriching its connection to its context.  Furthermore, the two blocks develop two differing primary functions.  The first, close to the footbridge and very visible, contains office space, a hotel, and innovative public programming.  The other develops a more commercial and residential angle, with a learning center at its center.