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Location : Le Vaudreuil
Dates : 2010 - 2013
Client : Hermès Parfums
Design team : Ateliers Ardant, Martin Duplantier Architects, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Design Conception (rehabilitation)
Built area : 5 000 sqm
Cost : 3,1 M€

Between rehab and new paradigm.

The goal being “making landscape” with this project, initiated to improve the energy efficiency of an existing building, has strengthened the overall image of the factory by turning past specificities into a passport for the future.

This project takes part into the overall energy efficiency approach for existing buildings, which is an infinite field for architects to explore. wenergy costs and, thereby, improve the overall image of the plant. The concept is to keep the ceramic as main material as Hermes developed perfumes called “Terre” meaning earth, soil or ground. Ceramic elements are covering an insulation layer, while existing metal columns are hidden. A outer chromatic diversity is developed from natural tones of the earth. Ceramic elements (20x125cm) show five different

tones to perpetuate the memory of the original brick wall