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Location : Bordeaux
Dates : 2015 - Competition
Client : EDF
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architectes, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect, bdp Marignan, EVP Ingénieur, Joseph ingéniérie, Barbanel, Grennaffair, LASA, VPEAS
Mission : Base
Built area : 3 734 sqm
Cost : 8 M€ HT

Plural Singularity

It is not the object of this project to create another run-of-the-mill office building, but to propose an urban and architectural ‘graft’ that takes into account the intricate context of the site.  Found between a small neo-classical neighborhood, a series of warehouses, and a planned collective-housing community from the 1960’s, the area’s urban sense of place continues to search for itself therein.

The site plan moves to find a large-scale legibility while diversifying the project’s program of offices, housing, and collective parking, all the while playing on the synergies between the varying functions.

The most prominent building is situated at the site’s prow, near the Place des Ravezies and its adjoining tram.  It is importance is underlined by the large esplanade in front which confers an urban scale through both its perceived volume and the diverse activities it welcomes.  A new urban hub, it preserves a typical city block à la Bordelaise where the intense greenery of the gardens contrasts with the mineral nature of the street front.

On the interior, we know two things: that the users should cross one another and make connections as often as possible through a variety of means; and that the way of working as we know it today will surely have evolved by the time that the finished building is delivered.

The office spaces are designed to be super-flexible while still creating qualitative common spaces: the staircase on the façade, the informal spaces and cafeteria linked to the exterior, the large open air terraces to the north, and the loggias to the south…

The overall volume, marked by an offset of 6 meters, highlights this production of continuities between interior and exterior as well as the building’s new and emerging uses.

An aluminum double envelope filters the sun while reflecting ever-changing tonalities of light.