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Location : Communes de Bordeaux et Floirac
Dates : 2011 - Competition
Client : Etablissement Public Euratlantique
Design team : 51N4E, GRAU, Martin Duplantier Architects, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Urban and landscape design
Built area : 760 000 sqm
Cost : 180 M€

The revival of Bordeaux is called Euratlantique.

Its ambition is national, its actors are multi-sectored and its territory is on both sides of the Garonne river.

Phase 1 contains the seeds of the future deployment has its epicenter Eiffel bridge. The studio, associated with 51N4E and Grau had the opportunity to work on the second phase.

Opening this formerly industrial part of the city called “Garonne Eiffel” was the main issue.

Opening means allowing it to be integrated into the metropolitan dynamics; we opted for a mixed urban plan to offer a comprehensive scheme to a complex brief. The requirements are social as well as environmental, functional and of course urban. The new scheme has to develop a sustainable city, where functional diversity can meet economic issues, where urban intensity can allow quality of life and environmental performance.

The ambition was also to create the conditions for an economic development, including headquarters of large companies.

This urban brief gathers 870 000 sqm with the following distribution:

– 150,000 SQM of office space, 600,000 sqm of housing area, 20,000 sqm for specific functions;

– 50,000 sqm of small industrial activities, + 30 000 sqm public facilities, + 20 000

sqm hotels;

– 20,000 sqm of commercial spaces.