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Location : Baia de Luanda, Angola
Dates : 2012 - Competition
Client : FiniCapital
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architects, MATAG Arquitectos & Associados
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 50 225 sqm
Cost : 200 M€

Located on the first plot of block A, this site is Luanda’s gateway for arriving boats and the city’s door to the ocean. Taking advantage of its position, this project aims to elegantly redefine the skyline of the town. Massive and slender, the copper facade develops an unprecedented deepness. It emphasizes the slenderness of the volume while protecting the

glass parts of the sun.

Three distinct elements interact: the urban and lively base opens onto the city through a both open and patio-like water place.

An elevated garden profits from an exterior view of the bay.

The development of the body of the tower is made through a very effective plan, because the used structural grid allows different types of redevelopment. Finally, the

big, translucent crown possesses a prestigious reception rooms and a panoramic restaurant as well as it acts as a beacon to the bay of Luanda.

Emphasizing the will of natural ventilation, the restaurant’s roof opens up like a hood, allowing the interior lights to flow into the urban environment.