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Location : Luanda, Angola
Dates : 2013 - Competition
Client : Sigma
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architects, ARUP
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 50 000 sqm
Cost : 125 M€

Well set along the Marginal, facing the beauty of the Baia de Luanda, the site offers a view to the opened sea while being in the heart of the booming city.

The concept develops an elegant volume dressed up in a golden gown.

The elevation, above all surrounding buildings, leaves an open view over 360°, emphasizing the

quality of the site.

Fire, water and air.

The three elements are gathered: the city as a living fi re, the ocean and its reflection in the swimming pool, the open sky as an endless horizon.

Golden dress.

Playing a prominent role in the iconic dimension of the buidling, the metallic skin protects the building from overheating. The random cladding makes it esay to adapt to different uses, being common spaces or private rooms.