Montbardon eco-district, Soorts Hossegor

  • 1 Montbardon eco-district, Soorts Hossegor
  • 2 Montbardon eco-district, Soorts Hossegor
  • 3 Montbardon eco-district, Soorts Hossegor
  • 4 Montbardon eco-district, Soorts Hossegor
Location : Soorts Hossegor
Dates : 2013 - Competition
Client : City of Soorts Hossegor
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architectes, Anouk Debarre Lanscape Architect Landscape Design
Mission : Urban and Lanscape Design
Built area : 10 ha
Cost : 2,5 M€

Situated near the city, a few dozen meters from the Church of Soorts, the scope of this study is a transition towards Barthes and an opening up to the grand landscape.

This transition space conceals many advantages.  Geographical: the omnipresence of water channeled in these thickets coming to irrigate the gardens; the topography of the site, which opens to the grand landscape and that of the immediate surroundings, namely the church on the hill, the pine-covered dunes in the mid-ground, and finally the great landscape itself, with views of the Pyrenees in the distance. In terms of use, these lands are mainly farmed and cultivated by the hand of man.  The landscape is the result of man and nature: this precept may prevail for the development of the project.

Plant Life: the existence of woodland (oak and willow are a structural element for the project.)

Orientation: the views are well oriented, topography can play the role of “shifting views.”

Near: central Soorts is nearby, through links to public transport we can grow and connect the new district to the different urban poles.

La air link connecting the town of Seignosse Golf follows the old tracks of the railway line and incorporates the project de facto into the future district.