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Location : Lormont Les Cimes
Dates : 2011 - Competition
Client : Sefiso Atlantique
Design team : Mecanoo Architects (buildings C, E, K), Dietrich Untertrifaller (buildings B, D, F, G) Martin Duplantier Architectes (buildings A, H, I, J), Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 1 250 sqm
Cost : 2 M€

A project that allies planning, architecture, and landscaping in order to profit a neighborhood that dense yet open.  Well beyond thermal performance, the ecological dimension of this neighborhood expresses itself through differentiated management of its green spaces and the desire to encourage a social network based around the sharing of collective resources, notably the benefits of a central lake.

The density that the project demands has driven us to manipulate a seres of forms by using differentiating volumes around a large park at the center of the housing block.  Half of the dwellings are oriented towards the road surrounding the housing block, while the remainder faces the park at the interior, thereby allowing the buildings to interact both with the greater neighborhood as effectively as they interact with each other, which creates a sense of intimacy and comfort within the ensemble.

This project is a contextual response to this small portion of territory in the heights of the Garonne.  The park is built about a lake which the project has restored it to its original state, as a factory once stood on its shores.  The topography of the lot allows for the development of a variety of spaces, from dry ones on slabs and high-ground, to wetlands, to the lake itself.