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Location : ZAC Clichy Batignolles - Paris
Dates : 2015 - Competition
Client : City of Paris
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architects, Nexity
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 14 000 sqm
Cost : 28 M€

The Parcel N2 is first and foremost a metropolitan site, tied to the ports of the ring road that lead to the larger Grand Paris.

Responding to the rebalancing of tertiary offers between the east and the west, the project is part of a policy of diversification and synergy within the city.  The project leaves defense- and automobile-oriented norms that used to drive architecture in the neighborhood, to develop a new model of office space that is more respectful of its context and of daily life in the city.

The ground floor is completely open to the surrounding urbanity and creates a platform for residents, users, and bystanders.  This transparence puts the innovation inside the building on display, thereby calling passersby to participate in the Theater, the Future Center and the Creative Store.  The building is pierced through its core by a large urban window, as it creates a view onto the city while showcasing the most active part of this innovative building.

The Hive: this ‘innovation machine’ remains lit 24 hours per day, thereby creating an urban lantern at night.  A veil of metallic mesh scales envelops the building.  These scales react to weather conditions and move in the wind.  Much like the foliage of a tree, the light is reflected by these movements, creating a mysterious appearance