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Location : Brançion street , Paris
Dates : 2015 – building permit underway
Client : Gecina
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architectes, EVP Ingénierie (Structural), Projex (Electrical/Civil), BIAGOBAT (Environmental), VPEAS (Economist)
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 3 254 m²
Cost : 6,2 M€

An urban synthesis.

To one side, an obediently Hausmannian street front; to the back, a modern city block; flanked by uninspired urban fabric, creating windowless gables and dead space.  The project therefore aims to respond not only to its program, but also a chaotic urban setting.  The project implants itself in such a way to allow the permeability of the modern block behind it, while creating views onto the neighboring residences.  It creates an urban synthesis by fostering a conversation between building and street, through open gables and a lively, double-height ground floor.  The synthesis is also an architectural one, as it rewrites the rationality of the 1970’s with the elegant materiality of the Hausmannian Era.  The result is a soothing, calm project; a residence to make living good.