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Location : Simrishamn, Sweden
Dates : 2011 - Competition
Client : City of Simrishamn
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architects, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Base
Built area : 8 ha, 50 000 sqm of building surface
Cost : 12 M€

Situated in the south of Sweden, the fishing village of Simrishamn has made available a tract of buildable land at the edge of the sea, not too far from its historic center.  The development of this in-between was analysed by our team as an opportunity to rethink the idea of the town’s urban space in its entirety.  The blocks nearest to the center imitate the town’s historic morphology in order to create a continuity at the scale of the contextual buildings.

Small alleys are inserted into the plan in order to make the courtyard of each block semi-public by creating private gardens, pocket parks, and public-use facilities.  The blocks along the periphery are more transparent, and raised on pilotis in response to their placement near a floodplain.  The public space at the edge of the sea is developed into a walkway that passes through a variety of settings.  From stand-alone building to the small river, the market space to the play spaces, the project works to highlight the maritime nature that permeates the town.

A strategy at the scale of the commune allows for the redesigning and restoration of the public spaces for both residents and visitors while creating a sublime sense of heritage within the town.