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Location : Shenzhen, China
Dates : 2014 - Competition
Client : Shenzhen Center for Design
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architectes, SATHY Architects and Urban design, Nanjing Aomei Landscape Design
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 35 ha. 1700 sqm built area
Cost : 250 M€

Shenzhen Super City will embody the urbanity of the 21st century : through a balanced order of verticality and horizontality, the new scheme allows fluidity and optimal mobility into the urban fabric. This “total” city is a new frame where offices can be mixed with the best services of a city: culture, leisure, retail, green space…

The cloud: a new urban paradigm While the base of Super City is inspired by the qualities of the traditional Asian city, the Cloud creates a new way to enjoy the city. It goes way beyond the latest experiments : the cloud is not only a walkway, it is a destination. A place to go and to enjoy the view at every moment, day and night.

A place to rest, to contemplate. A place to meet, at a restaurant, an exhibition or a bar. A place to play, golf during lunch, or tennis in the evening. The cloud is a major part of the city.