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Location : Moscow, Russia
Dates : 2014 - Competition (2th place)
Client : Archpolis
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architects, Anouk Debarre Paysagiste, RDNK, Prostor, Fetish Film
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 500 ha
Cost : 30 M€

The redevelopment of the Sokolniki Park in Moscow requires a “double-reading” in order to be fully understood; once through a historical lens to capture its chronology, and once through a modern lens to capture its dynamism. This 600-hectare park was originally founded by the Czars to serve as a grounds for hunting and falconry. As it stands today, through its numerous additions and alterations over the years, Sokolniki has become the city’s largest park. Though it is located a mere 6km from the Kremlin, it is largely underutilized by the public for recreation.

We therefore propose to regain the strength of the parks core structure and its seven main arteries by decentralizing its central pole.

The new matrix created for the park will be founded on a hub-and-spoke model wherein each hub will develop its own polarity, be it social (the FabLab and greenhouses), ecological (the woodlands and sanctuary), or artistic/cultural (the Art Alley).

This methodical design strategy, scheduled to take place in stages over the coming 15 years, is rounded-out by the creation of a “SokoLab” platform. This will be supported by a 15-year business plan which keeps the park’s various elements in equilibrium during their development. The project will be financed during its first seven years through subsidies from the city, thereby doubling the park’s budget