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Location : Cenon
Dates : 2010 - 2013
Client : Immobilière Sud Atlantique
Design team : Martin Duplantier Architects, Laurent Duplantier Architect, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Design Conception
Built area : 7 280 sqm
Cost : 8,5 M€

Integration, visual balance, and ratio of scale are the hallmarks of this housing project that is rooted in the establishment of a garden and orchard.

Cedars, poplars, and Mediterranean plant species form a palette of greenery that is used to add a lively, organic flair to the grounds, as well as the facade.

The plot is currently occupied by an old house that is to be demolished along with a handful of

out buildings. The stone facades of the buildings that line the street will be conserves and reutilized in the design proposal.

The volume of the building exactly matched the property bounds of the eastern and western portions of the site. The parapet along the full levels will have a limited impact when seen from the street, since the existing buildings will be conserved.

The project’s limits will be particularly cherished, as the intention was to intervene in the most discrete manner possible in order to maintain the neighborhood’s intimacy.

A secret island, hidden behind a planted screen and a stone wall.